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Umaymah Fawad

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Alhamdu Lillah I have got admission in JSMU by grace of ALLAH (SWT). The credit goes to my parents, friends, and of course to my institute. Studying for the MCAT exam can be daunting if you don’t have proper guidance. But IBAGRADS made this journey easy for us. All faculty of IBAGRADS are very sincere, dedicated and easily approachable. Some of the teachers are really kind and their way of teaching is really very interesting. They are also very motivational. We are enthused by the classes. The experienced professors and successful MCAT examinees helped me out to target both areas of weakness and strength. In a nutshell, my experience here has been a wonderful balance of knowledge, skills, fun, and friendship. It may not have been the first institute I was wishing to attend, but after my journey with this institute, I am proud to be a member of it.

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