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Saad Zuberi

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IBA Grads has been, in my experience, a game changer for me in terms of my university and career guidance and all sorts of test preparations, and also for achieving something that I would otherwise have never even got close to. It is also one of those few institutions of whose teachers and instructors not only focus on making the students clear the tests but to also drop off some of the most valuable pieces of advice that would prove to be extremely influential for the years to come. I am proud of my decision of choosing IBA Grads for my “Gateway Towards my Desired Future” and wherever I’ll be in the years to come, I will owe a part of my success to the teachers of IBA Grads. In my more than humble opinion, to say that you should put your trust in IBA Grads would be the best piece of advice I am capable of Giving.

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