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Our IBA test preparation program is the most popular of all our programs. We covers, section by section, all the skills tested in the IBA and other standardized MBA Admission tests. IBAGRADS provides test preparation and admission services through a team of highly competent and dedicated instructors and staff. Through its test preparation services division, IBAGRADS prepares students for admission tests of MBA. To make sure, that we achieve our targets, IBAGRADS class size has been kept on average to 25 students, whereas the market average is 50-70 students.


About IBA

Institute of business administration or IBA is one of the most reputed University in Pakistan located in the heart of Karachi. Established in 1955, IBA is one of the pioneer business schools of Asia. Currently its dean is Dr. Farrukh Iqbal. More than five hundred (500) teaching staff is performing its duties at IBA. IBA provides research and need-based scholarship facility to its worthy students


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