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director’s message

With the sheer blessings of and the prayers of elders and parents, the IBAGRADS’ ship is now steering smoothly and moving steadily.

Our firm commitment towards quality education has enabled us to achieve great results by inculcating in our students “I can” attitude. We do this by keeping our classes to size where we can individually look upon the specific needs and learning styles of students and by encouraging students to raise the bar and set high expectations for themselves. Often our students internalize the societal messages that tell them they are not capable, intelligent, and worthy of empowering academic support. It is imperative that we demystify and deconstruct these outdated and nefarious socially constructed notions of academic capabilities and intellectual capacities.

We have moved forward in all domains of national and international test preparation during the last 5 years, and Alhamdulillah, our students have done exceptionally well in aptitude tests of top medical and engineering universities along with major business schools of Pakistan . Our SAT students have secured admissions in top universities of the world. Besides securing top positions, IBAGRADS has maintained a success rate of around 80% in major universities.

I am thankful for the trust shown by students, parents, teachers and schools and the effort put in by IBAGRADS administration and faculty members. I hope that we stay firm on our values and pray that we all can build as a nation and ummah that expects from us.

JazakAllah o Khair,
Azfar ul Haque

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