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Who we are?

IBAGRADS provides test preparation and admission services through a team of highly competent and dedicated instructors and staff. Through its test preparation services division, IBAGRADS prepares students for admission tests of business, engineering and medical schools as well as standardized tests such as SAT, GRE and GMAT. To make sure, that we achieve our targets, IBAGRADS class size has been kept on average to 25 students, whereas the market average is 50-70 students.

IBAGRADS also offers Admission Test Preparation through its test preparation material. We have helped hundreds of students throughout Pakistan achieve their academic goals through our comprehensive and reader-friendly test preparation material, developed by the experts at IBAGRADS.

What we do?



IBAGRADS has a separate program for ECAT. Our smaller class size & exclusive material for NUST, GIKI, PIEAS, FAST, NED & other top engineering universities have enabled our ECAT students to excel in their admission tests.



Our 10-Month rigorous MCAT preparation classes with maximum 30 students enable our expert instructors to focus on the key fundamentals of MCAT - where every question matters.



IBAGRADS offers a rigorous and comprehensive test preparation course for IBA, which will also enable you to prepare for other premier business schools of Pakistan namely CBM, SZABIST, KSBL & LSE. An overall result of 80%+ in top business schools is a product of our proficient teachers, highly researched material and small class size.



IBAGRADS offers an exclusive preparation course for the redesigned SAT/GRE/GMAT. IBA & LUMS give exemptions on the basis of SAT scores.



IBAGRADS has also helped many students throughout Pakistan achieve their academic goals through its test preparation material. Developed by the experts at IBAGRADS, our test preparation material offers unique opportunity to prepare at home in any location under the guidance of admission test experts. IBAGRADS Material is not just about books and CD's it's about continuous guidance and assistance that one needs at different stages of Admission Test Preparation.



The Admissions Services are designed to help students and parents know the relevant and updated information about various stages of College and Universities Admissions. It provides high school, college, and graduate students with the most comprehensive resources to help them make the right educational and career decisions.

Frequent Information Seminars in schools, colleges and our campuses are conducted throughout the year to help students and parents know what they must know to develop effective career plans, carry out specific activities and achieve the targeted results.

How we do it?

The "BEST" Way to Prep: Looking for maximum score improvement, Full-Length Classroom Course is what you need. In IBAGRADS classes, the feeling is different. You're in a friendly, supportive place where everyone has same goal: to beat the test.

Our Teachers

At IBAGRADS, we believe that teaching excellence is the key to student success. We hire only Instructors with superior academic profile and prior teaching experience. In addition, candidates who meet these requirements must go through a rigorous training program

Individual Attention

Small, focused classes: Were you ever in a class that was so big the teacher didn't even know your name? That will never happen in an IBAGRADS course. We limit each and every class to just 25 students. So you'll get the personal attention you need, and work at a pace that's right for you.

Regular Meetings

Monthly Teacher’s meeting: We have a monthly Teacher’s meeting of every single class in which the instructors of each subject analyze the performance of every single student and crate a progress report.

Individual student’s meetings: Meetings with individual students are then held to discuss their weaknesses and mutual plan is devised to make sure that those weaknesses are rectified.

Parents-Teacher meeting: Parents-Teacher meetings are held for students preparing for undergraduate admissions so that the parents are also kept inform of their child’s performance.

Attendance Requirement

At IBAGRADS, our courses are rigorous, focused and are designed to get results. Every classroom course at IBAGRADS has a specific attendance requirement that ensures that students study and do all the work with us- a must if they want to get admission in the program of their choice.

Model/ Grand Tests

Grand tests are designed and conducted on the basis of the original admission test. These mock tests are organized to help students mentally prepare for the actual test and to track the progress of the student to see how much he has been able to improve and what more can be done. We also conduct the Original Past Admission Tests to give students better idea of what they are preparing for. Individual feedback is given to all students after every grand test.

Universities programs Offerd By IBAGRADS